Agendas, Minutes, Video Recordings

This page has been updated.  Please find directions for viewing and printing agendas and minutes below. 

SuiteOne Main Page Overview

Step 1.Login to SuiteOne 


Step 2.Content

"Name" of meeting - 1st column

"Date/Time" - 2nd column

"Media" (video recording) - 3rd column
     Will have a camera in it if the meeting has already been held.

"Files" (agendas and minutes) - 4th column

Step 3.Upcoming Meetings

First area is upcoming meetings. 

Agendas are added as they are prepared.  

Agendas may be revised and may not be final until the day of the meeting.

Step 4.Most Recent Events

These are already held meetings.

There will be a video recording, agenda and minutes.

Minutes will be added as they are prepared and may be days after the meeting.

Page Directions

Step 1.Category Filter

Click the "category" arrow in the box to the far right.

Pick the meeting you want information on.
     This will narrow down the meetings you see. 

Find the date of the meeting you are interested in.


Step 2.Watching Video

Click the camera in the media column.

Step 3.Agenda and Minutes

Click the arrow next to "download" in the "files" column.
You will see the Agenda and Minutes. 
     If minutes have not been downloaded yet you may only see agenda.
Click the one you want to view, and it will open that document.