Winter Sports

Youth Basketball

Basketball for youth leagues sign-ups begin in late October.  Leagues exist for all children in grades 2 through 4th co-ed and 5th-7th grades boys and 5th - 7th grade girls' basketball.  The basketball league generally starts at the beginning of January each year.  

Sign-ups begin in November and games usually start in January. Both boys' and girls' teams are available for all age groups.

Basketball is offered as an activity for youths in grades 3 through 7.

Players are divided into two divisions by age/grade.

Grades 3 and 4 play in the Junior Division which is coed.

Youth in grades 5, 6, and 7 play in the Senior Division which is divided further into boys’ and girls’ teams.


Basketball Rules

  1. Defense -All teams will play man-to-man defense at all times.
  2. Pressing -Full court pressing is not permitted other then during the final two (2) minutes of each half and then only if you are trailing or leading by fewer than 10 points.
  3. Playing time -Every player is to play at least 10 minutes in the first half and 10 minutes in the second half, rosters permitting. Players should NOT be entered into the game and removed unless they have played at least 2 consecutive minutes. Exceptions to this rule include injury to a player, or a player reaching 4 personal fouls in the first half before they have reached their playing time allotment or if they foul out of the game. In cases where a roster is to large to accommodate all players under this rule, efforts are to be made to equalize playing time as much as possible in each game and/or consecutive games. In the Junior (Coed) Division the games are played with 4 players on a side at a time rather than the traditional five.
  4. Timing -Games will consist of 4-ten (10) minute quarters during which time the clock will run continuously except as noted below.
    • The clock will stop between quarters so that the coaches may organize their players for the next quarter. Please limit this time to as close to 1 minute as possible.
    • The clock will continue to run whenever foul shots are being administered.
    • Each team will be permitted two (2) -30 second time outs per half, during which the clock will continue to run.
    • Any team time outs taken after 2:30 remaining in either half will end at the 2:00 mark.
    • At 2:00 remaining in each half (or as close as possible without interrupting the flow of the game) there will be an OFFICIAL time out called during which the clock will stop for 1 minute to allow teams to get organized for the end of the half. No team time outs will be permitted after this official time out has been taken.
    • The clock will be stopped by the referees for injuries or any other situation deemed necessary by them.
  5. Fouls -Players are permitted 4 personal fouls. They will be removed from the game on the 5th personal foul.
  6. Foul shots -Foul shots will be awarded as follows:
    • A player fouled in the act of shooting will be awarded 2 foul shots if the shot attempt was not successful.
    • A player fouled in the act of shooting will be awarded 1 foul shot in addition to the basket if the shot was successful.
    • All non-shooting fouls for which foul shots are awarded will be awarded 2 foul shots. There will be no bonus foul shots (1 and 1) awarded.
    • The clock will continue to run during foul shots.
    • Two (2) shots will be awarded for all technical fouls and the fouled team will be awarded the ball at mid-court following the shots.
    • On all fouls during the final 2 minutes of the game, the fouled team may choose to take the ball out of bounds under it's own basket instead of shooting the foul shots.
  7. At the conclusion of the game, if the score is tied the game shall end in a tie. There will be no overtime played.
  8. Special "over and back/defense" rule for Junior Division -The ball must be advanced across the mid court line within 10 seconds as normal. Defensive players may not begin guarding their man until their player has crossed mid court. The ball is not considered to be "over and back" unless it passes behind the whitish line on the floor which is BEHIND mid court. If the ball handler retreats behind the mid court line, his defender may once again not guard him until he once more cross's mid court. However, neither the ball nor the ball handler is permitted to remain in this "neutral zone" for more than 5 seconds, otherwise a turnover will be called, and the ball awarded to the other team.

Any playing situation not covered specifically by these rules shall be governed by the basketball rules of the National Federation of High School Sports (NFHSS) and the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA).

The Recreation Department reserves the right to modify these rules at any time and any ruling made by the Recreation Director or one of his designees is final. 

Misc. Rules

  1. DO NOT misuse or abuse the privilege of using the gyms and equipment or the buildings, especially the rest rooms.
  2. Replace any equipment moved to its original position and condition before leaving.
  3. Sit ONLY on bleachers which have been previously pulled out. Do not sit on top of the bleachers if they have not been pulled out. DO NOT PULL THEM OUT OR PUSH THEM BACK IN WITHOUT A CUSTODIAN'S ASSISTANCE!
  4. There is to be no dribbling or bouncing of balls outside the gym in the hallways.
  5. Players are not permitted in the building without adult coach supervision.
  6. Coaches must arrive early and leave late to ensure that they are there before the players arrive and leave after the last player leaves. Players should arrive at the gym no more than 5 minutes prior to practice time and parents need to pick players up immediately at the conclusion of practice.
  7. Neither players nor spectators are permitted in any other parts of the buildings other than the gyms and restrooms nearest the gyms.
  8. There is to be no food or drinks brought into the gym.
  9. NOBODY other than properly registered players are permitted to participate in any way. This includes siblings, friends, and bystanders. This includes any time before, between, or after games or practices.
  11. Each team should provide a scorekeeper to sit with and assist the official scorekeeper. If a team does not provide a scorekeeper, then they shall have no recourse if there is a question about the official score or record of the contest.
  12. Players are not permitted to wear any jewelry including, but not limited to, earrings (even if covered by band aids, tape or other substance), bracelets (including rubberized ones), metal hair clips, rings, etc. Stretchy hair ties may be used as long as they do not include any but a very small metal piece connecting the ends.
  13. Players MUST wear proper gym shoes with non-marking soles, athletic-type clothing, and, during games, their team shirt. If for some reason a player does not have their team shirt, they may wear an appropriate colored shirt providing they are easily identifiable. The referees will rule on this issue if necessary.

The Recreation Department reserves the right to modify these rules at any time and any ruling made by the Recreation Director or one of his designees is final.