Darlene's Wind Phone at Sherod Park

Published on February 11, 2024


Darlene's Wind Phone Located at Sherod Park.  Is a phone that will never ring, is connected to nowhere but will reach everywhere. Noone's words will be judged, there is no religion attached.  

It may seem a little much for someone with traditional values. It may even be hard if you are lucky enough to not be fighting with grief.  Everyone has different ways of coping with loss. It doesn’t matter if your call is about loss, pain or even words you just need to let go of ; imagination is all that is needed to let the phone work for you.  

There are times when sadness, secrets, problems, and mistakes become overwhelming. A person suffering doesn’t want to burden friends and family. They don’t want to share secrets or hurt others with their thoughts, or even be judged. It is always best to seek medical help if you can or use a real phone to call 988 or 911. If those things are not an option, remember Darlene's Wind Phone. You can go and unload all your problems on a wisp of wind, and they will be carried away; always judgement free!