Call for Community Action with EPA Mandates

Published on September 22, 2023


Dear Neighbors,

We are literally facing what could be a financial burden unlike any before in our town's history. Due to EPA mandates to upgrade our wastewater treatment plant and the fines that come along with them for non-compliance, Vermilion is being forced to raise sewer rates 350% to borrow over 70 million dollars (from the EPA). So, take the sewer portion of your Utility Bill and multiply it by 3.5 and you will have the rate it could climb to if we do not get grants or aid from the State or Federal Government to help us with this problem.

Your local government is pursuing every avenue for assistance, but we need your help. Please find attached a sample letter and contact information for your representatives and elected officials at both the State and Federal level. 

Please write to them and ask for help to resolve this issue before it affects everyone's pocketbook, and the property values of our community.


John Gabriel,
President of Council


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