Welcome to Vermilion

A Small Town on A great Lake..and a river

Vermilion has been blessed with a beauty and charm born of its unique location on the shores of Lake Erie at the mouth of the Vermilion River. Its waterfront situation fostered the founding of Vermilion in the early 1800’s as a fishing village and boat building center. The natural beauty and charming nautical history continue to bring many visitors to Vermilion every year. Those of us who are lucky enough to live here, never take our good luck for granted.

Volunteers make the city work.

Vermilion’s legion of volunteers is four times that of communities five times our size. Volunteers roll up their sleeves to make this town the beautiful gem that it is. They plant and water stunning summer flowers. They raise funds that maintain our historic buildings. They donate public art and clean the beaches. Volunteers organize countless summer and winter activities such as Ice-A-Fair, Chalk Walk, Hot Diggity Dog, the Festival of the Fish, Santa’s arrival by boat, and the sandcastle building competition. Our Volunteers also run Ohio’s largest one-day free public event, the legendary WOOLLYBEAR FESTIVAL, now over 50 years old and still growing. Vermilion is the work of people who love and take ownership of this Small Town on a Great Lake. 

We mean business.

As quaint and fun as waterfront Vermilion is, our opportunity for economic growth is huge. To the east we have open land that is attracting the attention of good, clean businesses. Fulfillment and distribution centers promise environmentally friendly enterprise and a healthy contribution to our city’s tax base. Vermilion’s growth potential is imminent and significant. This economic development funds the infrastructure that helps preserve our city’s historic character.

Don’t take our word for it.

Vermilion may be small and quiet but not unnoticed by State and National media.

  • #4 - BEST COASTAL SMALL TOWNS, according to USA TODAY  2018.
  • BEST BEACH TOWNS to live in the US, (#24/191-lakefront) WalletHub Reports 2021.
  • BEST HOMETOWNS list, Ohio Magazines 2013 -14.
  • 23rd SAFEST CITY IN OHIO, National Council for Home Safety and Security.
  • TREE CITY USA 11 years in a row, Arbor Day Foundation.

Come to Vermilion and you will know why so many others do. Better yet, consider making Vermilion your home. We invite you to share our secret of this Small Town on a Great Lake.

Proud of Our Team