Meet the Mayor


The privilege of a lifetime has been to serve as Mayor of the City of Vermilion since 2018. I had to retire to find the best job anyone could ever have. I am the City’s Chief Executive Officer, Safety Director and have been asked by the voters to watch out for the welfare of 10,659 wonderful people.

An “Encore Career” in Vermilion.

My wife Sue and I retired in the early 2000’s. Soon after retirement, Sue suggested I find something to do…out of the house. So, I joined the legion of Vermilion volunteers. I served on the City’s boards, commissions, committees, and City Council. One of the great honors of my life was twice being asked to be this special town’s mayor.

Vermilion is home.

Vermilion has been my home for over 20 years. I was born in Avon, Ohio to a second-generation farm family. I attended St. Mary’s of Avon grade school, St. Edward High School, Syracuse University, and Northwestern University’s Kellogg Management School of Publication Management. I was a publishing executive of trade magazines for 35 years.  I am married to the beautiful Susan (Cieslak) Forthofer, a 35-year elementary school teacher in Vermilion. (Yes, she was probably your teacher if you went to school here.) We have four smart and accomplished daughters. How lucky can a guy get?

Let’s talk.

I like hearing the stories of Vermilion’s visitors and new residents.  They tell me of their homes in Indonesia, Holland, California, Australia, New York, and other exotic places. Longtime residents talk with me about all kinds of things like the Vermilion Sailor’s Football Team, ideas they have for community improvement or new businesses.  I learn something every time we talk.

The Best Job Ever!

See what I mean. Get involved in Vermilion any way you can. I guarantee you will get back more than you give. Serving our neighbors is the best job you or I could ever have.


Mayor Jim Forthofer