Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau is headed by Detective Sergeant Scott Holmes and Detective Dan Shupe.

The position of Detective is to investigate crimes and incidents that occur within the city. Oftentimes, people involved in crimes, either as victims or suspects, live outside the city limits. Uniformed officers do not have the liberty to leave the city to make contact with these people. This is where the detectives step in.

As well as following up on investigations, a detective’s duty is to process crime scenes. This involves taking pictures of the scene as well as looking for and collecting any kind of forensic evidence. This may include fingerprints, footprints or any kind of physical evidence. The detectives can also type up search warrants and subpoenas for investigations.

Citizens can also offer valuable insight when investigating a crime. People make observations every day in their neighborhoods and are the first to know what may be out of place or suspicious. Insight from these kinds of observations have helped solve many crimes in our city. With cooperation and support from the citizens, the Detective Bureau can move forward on investigations with confidence. If you feel your contribution may not be important, please know that a small piece of information can help solve a crime.