Sherod Park



There is 24 acres of fun.  This Vermilion Park has a little of something for everyone.  A beach to swim, trails to walk, and a playground.



Sherod Park has two pavilions a large one across from the playground and a second smaller one that is tucked into the cozy hillside on the west side of the park.  Both will give you access to the many amenities this park has to offer.  

Large Pavilion


Small Pavilion



A new state of the art playground was added to Sherod Park in 2022.  



Sherod Park even has a wind phone.  A phone that was installed that works with your imagination and the wind.  Darlene's Wind Phone can be used to make calls to loved ones that have passed. 

Let the wind deliver your message.  It is great therapy for those dealing with grief.

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13406 W. Lake Road, VERMILION 44089  View Map

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